Interpreting Water Quality

Water Quality

Collecting and interpreting water quality data is important to monitoring the long term health of a watershed. Water quality monitoring is an important piece of a watershed stewardship groups overall management plan. Collection and interpretation of the data is a complicated and dynamic task. Luckily, there are many resources to help: training programs, data management hubs, equipment banks, guides, guidlines, etc. Below are some of the resources availiable in Nova Scotia.

Atlantic Datastream

Atlantic DataStream is an open access platform for sharing information on freshwater health. It currently allows users to access, visualize, and download full water quality datasets collected by 23 monitoring groups from Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Atlantic Water Network

Atlantic Water Network provides equipment and resources for water monitoring organizations and communities throughout Atlantic Canada. AWN is part of the longstanding Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Network and is home to all of its water related resources. We are the regional lead on Atlantic DataStream, an open access data hub for water quality data. We work with organizations on both a national and regional scale to improve data collection at the community level.

AWN’s mission is to build capacity among stewardship and watershed organizations by providing access to water monitoring and conservation resources such as standardized training via WET-Pro water monitoring kits, a secure and open access data hub (Atlantic Datastream), and the free use of our Environmental Monitoring Equipment Bank.

Walking the River: A Citizens Guide to Interpreting Water Quality Data

Walking the River is a guiding document developed by the Adopt a Stream Program. It is a guide to water quality collection and interpretation with a Nova Scotia perspective. 


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