Getting started

A first step is to get a team together. You may already be an organized group (watershed, fishing, river, guiding/scouting, environmental, natural history, or community club). Or maybe there is a group in your area interested in the same watershed that you could get involved with. Or you may consider getting a school, youth or community group involved. Or you
might be looking to start a group.

The following framework provides a step-by-step "how-to" for developing your idea into a a funded project plan.

Step 1: Go Through the Manual
Step 2: Identify the Watercourse
Step 3: Contact the NSSA
Step 4: Set Preliminary Goals
Step 5: Sell Your Idea
Step 6: Identify Stakeholders (including landowners)
Step 7: Contact Landowners or Other Stakeholders
Step 8: Hold an Organizing Meeting
Step 9: Make a More Final Plan
Step 10: Apply for Funding

After you complete the above steps, you will have a written report that includes:

  • A map of the area as it once looked 
  • A map of what it looks like now 
  • A general survey of the watercourse
  • A list of what you think the problems are in the watercourse 
  • A list of proposed solutions 
  • A tentative plan of action 
  • A group organized and ready to work

For more on how to create a written report or plan, take a look at Adopt A Stream's Watershed-Based Fish Habitat Restoration Plan Template.

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