Develop a Plan

 Adopt A Stream wants to encourage more restoration planning as part of efforts to restore fish habitat in Nova Scotia. By taking a watershed-wide planned approach to restoration we can optimize habitat restoration efforts. Toward this end, we have developed a watershed-based fish habitat restoration plan template for stewardship groups to use.

The template has been designed to be applied to small watersheds or individual subwatersheds within larger river systems. If you use the template to develop many subwatershed restoration plans, these subwatershed plans can be combined to form one overall plan for larger watersheds. The template format can also be used to develop a restoration plan for the main stem of a large river system.

In most cases, filling out the restoration plan template will require a combination of efforts between you and  Adopt A Stream personnel. It will involve gathering information from the field (walking the stream), gathering information from maps, reports and studies, and at least a few sit-down discussion sessions.

It isn't necessary to have gathered all of the information requested in the template before you start filling it out. The restoration plan can be a living document that is regularly updated as more information is gathered, more restoration projects are completed, or as conditions change (revision dates should be included on the front page).

Completing a restoration plan is an opportunity for you to develop a strategy to optimally enhance the productivity of the habitat, to learn more about your river and its watershed, and have fun in the process.

The template is organized to create a four part restoration plan report. Download the template and template introductory notes below.

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