Aquatic Connectivity Analytical Database

Welcome to ACAD! The Aquatic Connectivity Analytical Database. 

As a part of NS Adopt a Stream Aquatic Connectivity Initiative, we have developed the Aquatic Connectivity Analytical Database otherwise known as ACAD. 

ACAD was developed in partnership with the Clean Annapolis River Project to help address the need for a central archive of aquatic connectivity data in Nova Scotia. Watershed stewardship groups across Nova Scotia were collecting data on the status of water crossings within thier local watersheds and this data was sometimes lost, destroyed, or not shared with others. Now with the introduction of ACAD, this data has a home where it can be safely stored, prioritized, and analyzed for use to address issues of aquatic habitat fragmentation in Nova Scoita. 

In addition to storing data, ACAD also has analytical capabilities. When culvert survey data is entered into ACAD, analytics are performed and reports are automatically and instantaniously generated for the users to help them identify the severity of the barrier for 5 diadromous fish species common in Nova Scoita: Salmon, Trout, American Eel, Shad, and Smelt. ACAD even includes advice on fish passage improvement strategies that could be used on at the site.

This online tool can be used by watershed stewardship groups or individuals to enter and store data that has been collected using the Nova Scotia Water Crossing Assessment Protocols developed by the NSSA Adopt a Stream Program (see training opportunities for more details). In order to access the full functionality of ACAD to enter and manage data you must register and be approved for an account. To do so, please email and well get back to you as soon as possible. 

Follow the link below to access ACAD...




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