Shaw Brook Restoration
Avon Peninsula Watershed Preservation Society
Acadian and Fundy coast
Avon Peninsula
Watercourse - Project Location: 
Shaw Brook
Date completed: 


45° 0' 31.284" N, 64° 5' 11.8608" W




Group Description

The Avon Peninsula Watershed Preservation Society (APWPS) is a voice for the Commons Watershed and for residents living in the Avondale, Belmont, Poplar Grove and Mantua communities that make up the Avon Peninsula.

Mission Statement:
- To protect the ecological integrity of the Avon Peninsula and the Commons Watershed.
- To preserve and enhance the rural and agricultural quality of life on the Avon Peninsula.
- To promote local sustainable community development on the Avon Peninsula.
- To work with other communities and organizations to promote watershed protection and local sustainable development in the region.

Project Description

APWPS undertook several activities as part of the project. In an 800m stretch of Shaw Brook, an undersized culvert that was impeding fish passage and restricting water flow was removed, rocks were hand-placed to stabilize a bank, 300 fence posts and 4 strands of wire were installed to prevent cattle entry into the brook and riparian area, and 75 Black ash seedlings were planted. A 4x6 foot high interpretive sign was erected at the site for public awareness.

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